What Writers Are Saying

This class was an invaluable tool for combining reflection and creative energy. Bushra created an environment that was stimulating, challenging, and accepting all at once. This space opened up imaginative channels that had been blocked for years. This class helped lay the groundwork for a writing practice that will stretch well beyond these weeks. I’m so thankful for this space that brings all kinds of people together, and makes new writing and thinking possible

-Trishala Deb

“Bushra creates a space that is at once fun, challenging, and safe for writers to explore and reveal their stories.”

 –Kavita Das, Writer, Nonprofit Consultant

“Two Truths, provided a safe and supportive space for me to cultivate my talents as a writer; it helped me structure my writing practices, both disciplined and motivated me to write more, quelled my fears and winged my creativity. I’ve had some of my most insightful and emotionally charged moments as a writer in Bushra’s workshop. Definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to get their feet off the ground as a writer.”

–Zainab Shah, Writer

I’m glad that I found Bushra’s workshop. She provides incredible material that gets the juices flowing, and creates a space where everyone is palpably engaged. The weeks with her flew by so fast. It was incredible to see how much our writing changed in such a short time. Thank you Bushra for helping us unleash our truth – and lies.

-May Pamana, Playwright

The workshop legitimizes the stories we tell with a supportive, diverse cast of eager readers. Bushra has the ability to govern a group into a family. An adjective to describe Two Truths and a Lie is: reformative.

-Pio Tsai, Writer

Two Truths was a reinvigorating experience for me as a writer. Bushra guided us in learning and experimenting with tools of the craft, and always made sure to set aside a chunk of time to actually write during workshop. She shared lots of resources with us and I loved the reading selections she curated with our interests in mind. It was a great experience to help co-create a community of writers where each person’s work was given the time to be critiqued in detail, in a way that both supports you and pushes you to grow.

– Noelle de la Paz, Writer

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